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Our courses consist of video lectures, projects works, and a final exam. Scroll down to watch course overview and read the course outline.

Graphics Designing

This is A Special Online Program For Those With No Graphics Design Skill But Want To Design Like A Professional.

Website Designing

This course covers everything you need to know about website design using WordPress. No previous experience is required. No Coding required

adobe premiere pro 2020

You will learn how to master and work with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 from Beginners Level, Intermediate Levels and to the Advance Level.

Social marketing

This course covers everything you need to know about how to create Facebook Page and how to spend low on Facebook Advertising etc … 

microsoft office 2013

You will learn how to master and work with Microsoft Word 2013 from Beginners Level, Intermediate Levels and to the Advance Level.

Whatsapp ecommerce store

You will learn how to setup a fully functional ecommerce store with your Whatsapp and accept payment online. The setup takes only 35mins.


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Get access to all our courses: Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw), Website Design (WordPress and Elementor Pro), Social Media Marketing (Facebook Ads), WhatsApp E-Commerce Store, Microsoft Word 2013 and Adobe Premiere Pro.

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You are to make sure you meet these requirements before starting our courses.

Full size Desktop or Laptop

A very fast internet connection.

Admin / root privileges on your workstation.

Fluent in written and spoken English.

Earn certificates for each course you offer.

By completing any course, TA Digital Concepts will issued you a digital completion certificate. For which you can download and print.

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Graphics Curriculum

Section 1:
    Course Overview

Section 2: Installation
    Adobe Illustrator
    CorelDraw 2020
    Adobe Photoshop

Section 3:
    Element of a Good Design

Section 4: Illustrator CC
    Interface Introduction
    Workspace and Panels
    Knowing your Artboards
    Vector Basics
    Fill & Strokes Effects
    10 Handy Tips

Section 5: Project Works
    Corporate Flyer Design
    Promotional Flyer Design
    Business Card
    Pullup Banner
    Homework #1

Section 6: CorelDraw 2020
    Interface Introduction
    Most used Tools in CDR
    General Tips

Section 7: Project Works
    Corporate Flyer Design
    Promotional Flyer Design
    Business Card
    Pullup Banner
    Homework #2

Section 8: Photoshop CC
    Interface Introduction
    Panels & Workspaces
    Image size, Dimension etc
    Removing of background
    10 Handy Tips

Section 9: 2D & 3D Logo
    Tips on how to create a  Logo
    Creating a 2D Logo
    Using PSD Mockups
    Homework #3

Section 10: Final Project
    Final Project

WordPress Curriculum

Section 1:
    Course Overview
    Buying Domain & Hosting

Section 2: Cpanel
    How to login to Cpanel
    Creating a customize email
    Setting up Forwarders
    Setting up Auto Responders

Section 3: WP Installation
    WordPress Installation 
    Plugins, Install & Activate 
    Creating Pages in WP
    Creating Navigation in WP

Section 4: Elementor Builder
    Creating a customize header
    Creating a responsive menu
    Creating a pop up menu
    Creating a customize footer

Section 5: Revolution Slider
    How to create a Slider 

Section 6: Pages 
    Creating a homepage
    Creating Client 
    Creating About Us
    Creating Design 
    Creating Contact Us 

 Section 7: Post
    Creating a Blog Post in WP
    Creating a Blog Page
    Creating a single Blog Post

 Section 8: E-Commerce
    Installing WP & Themes
    Activating Plugins etc …
    Adding Products to the Store
    Editing Menu and Categories
    Change Logo, Favicon etc ..

Section 9: General Tips
    Re-directing of a domain
    Backup and transfer 
    Creating a DIR & Subdomain

Section 10: Final Project

Adobe Premiere Pro

Section 1:
    Course Overview

Section 2: Beginners Level
       Creating New Project
       Import & Organize Clips
       Sequence & Adding Clips

       Basic Video Editing PT. 1
       Basic Video Editing PT. 2
       Tools & Shortcuts
       Adjusting Clip Dimensions

    Tittles and Text
       Basic Tittles & G-Template
       Simple Animated Tittles
       Save Custom Text Presets

       Default Transitions
       Creating Custom Transitions
       Plugin Translations

Section 3: Intermediate Level
       Color & Grading
       Color Correct Clips
       Color Grade Clips
       Color Grade LUTs
       Using Curves Tool
       Using Vignette
       etc ….

    Key Frames
       5 Topics

       6 Topics

Section 4: Advance Level
       3 Topics

    Advanced Effects
       6 Topics

Facebook Curriculum

Section 1:
    Course Overview

Section 2: Module 1
    Create Facebook Account
    Making a good FB Profile
    Create a Facebook Group
    Create a Facebook Page
    Understanding Facebook Ads
    High and low Sales (Country) 

Section 3: Module 2
    My Top 3 Secrets 
    Brand Awareness and more
    Consideration and more
    Conversion and more   

Section 4: Module 3
    Create Business Page
    Install Facebook Pixel
    Request and Managed a Page

Section 5: Module 4
    How to create a Virtual Card
    Designing a Post 
    Best Time To Post on FB

Section 6: Module 5
    Setting up Engagement Ad
    Split Testing Ad
    Setting up Traffic Ad
    Setting up Conversion
    Direct Traffic to WhatsApp

WhatsApp Curriculum

Section 1:
    Course Overview

Section 2: Store Creation
    Designing of your Store
    WhatsApp Business Connect
    How to setup Payment API
    Connecting Social Media
    Smart Phone Graphics

Section 3: Bonus Course
    How to Use Pixellab
    WhatsApp Sales Blueprint

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