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We aim to deliver great education and skills that are easily Accessible and affordable to the entire continent and beyond.

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TA Online is an online training or learning platform which seeks to train or equip and give access to anyone interested in acquiring or upgrading their digital and creative skills. Our thought-out and well-developed courses are for anyone with or without prior experience or knowledge in computer literacy.

Our team of experts, led by Abdul as the Lead Instructor, have on our platform detailed, easy to understand, self-tutored but instructor lead courses which anyone can enroll in and become an expert by the end of the course.

The courses are tailor-made, practical and available in videos which you can learn at your own pace and time. We run courses such as; Graphics Designing, Website Designing, Video Editing, Facebook Advertising and Microsoft Office (Word & Excel) and the likes.

You can visit TA Online Training via the website,’ www.taonlinetraining.com’, to choose from our range of courses. Be assured that you will be certified and gain employable skills at the end of the course.